Where and how to rent a car in Phuket during the Sandbox program?
By: Asiaphuket - 11 august 2021

Where and how to rent a car in Phuket during the Sandbox program?

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13 august 2021
Government of Phuket will be held at which the question of closing the Phuket Sandbox.
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Sports car rental in Phuket. The new BMW 2 Series Gran Coupé.
Finally, the beloved Phuket is open to tourists on the Sandbox program. This provides an excellent opportunity to see the natural beauty of deserted beaches and restored nature.
According to the terms of the Sandbox program, on the second day of your stay in Phuket, you can leave the hotel and move freely around the island. By renting a car, you will visit the most interesting places, while significantly saving money. Unfortunately, the taxi has not become cheaper during this time. For example, one day of rental will cost you about 700 baht, which is cheaper than a taxi from Patong Beach to the largest shopping center of the island, Central Festival, which costs 800 baht one way.
Car rental in Phuket. Toyota Legender (Fortuner) - frame SUV is one of the most popular models in Thailand.
Choosing a company.
There are both international and local car rental companies on Phuket Island. Let's compare them according to such criteria as: price, deposit, insurance, recognition, quality and variety of vehicles, ease of booking.
1. Local car rental companies.
+ Price. The price of local companies will always be 10-20% lower than that of international brands. This is due to lower advertising and employee costs. You can get acquainted with the prices and conditions by following the link
+ Deposit. Several times lower than that of international competitors, moreover, you can pay for it in any way you want and pick it up immediately after the end of the lease.
+ - Insurance. All cars are insured, but there is always a fee at the time of an insured event, the so-called deductible. In most cases, you will receive the maximum insurance right away and you do not need to pay an additional fee to upgrade it.
- Recognition. Companies with a small advertising budget are rated on reviews and positive ratings from customers.
+ Availability. The companies do not have a counter at the airport, but their representatives are always ready to deliver the car to the airport, hotel or other place convenient for you.
+ - Cars. Huge selection of cars ranging from the smallest to premium sports coupes. Cars are different in condition, we recommend that you request video reviews before booking.
+ Communication. Reservations are made on the website online with the participation of the manager. At the time of booking, you will find exactly the car that you need, as well as answer all questions about the car in detail, discuss where and how it is more convenient for you to get and return the car.
2. International car rental companies.
- Price. In most cases, this will be the most expensive way to rent a car.
- Deposit. Large deposit that can only be paid by credit card. In fact, it is impossible for customers who do not have a credit card to rent a car. Also, the return of deposit funds occurs within 7 - 10 days, which is just as inconvenient.
+ - Insurance. All cars are insured, but there is always a fee at the time of an insured event, the so-called deductible. Companies are also willing to pay an additional fee to increase insurance coverage.
+ Recognition. Most companies spend a lot on advertising, so we are well aware.
+ - Availability. The presence of counters in the international and local terminals of the airport. High surcharges for delivering a car to a hotel or villa.
+ - Cars. In most cases the cars are new and in good condition. But the choice of cars is limited, and the premium segment is not represented at all.
- Communication. Reservations are made on the website online without the participation of the manager, so if you have any additional questions, you will not be able to get the proper answer to them.
Rental in Phuket. Toyota Yaris a wonderful car that will delight you throughout your holiday.

What to look for when renting a car.
1. Insurance and the amount of the deductible. The car must be insured, do not take a car without insurance coverage. Ask the manager in detail how the insurance works and, in general, what are your actions in case of an accident. Find out in advance the amount of the deductible in case of a car accident. Of course, it is best to collect all this information at the stage of choosing a company, and not when receiving a car.
2. Fuel level in the gas tank. In Phuket, it is customary to rent cars with a full or almost full tank. It is convenient for you. But you must return the car with exactly the same fuel level. If, nevertheless, you returned the car with an empty tank, then the cost of fuel will be deducted from your deposit, while the cost of fuel will be higher than at a gas station.
3. Vehicle condition. We recommend that you inspect the car very carefully and record all chips and scratches on the rental agreement form, as well as photograph each defect you find separately. If you communicated with the tenant through any messenger, send him a photo to fix the shooting date in order to avoid disputes.
4. Availability of a spare wheel and a repair kit. Look in the trunk and make sure the spare wheel is intact and replaceable if necessary. All the necessary tools for changing a wheel must also be present.
5. Serviceability of the car. Start the car and make sure all devices are working and suitable for safe and comfortable driving.
What documents are required to rent a car.

To rent you will need the following documents:
- passport
- driver's license
- security deposit

What to do in case of an accident.
Since all cars in Thailand are insured, the attitude of the local to accidents is very calm, the insurance company deals with all issues. Therefore, first of all, do not worry about calling the rental company, report the incident and follow their instructions. ATTENTION. Does not leave the scene of the accident, and also do not change the position of the car until the arrival of the police or insurance agent.
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Our experts will answer all questions in detail and help you choose the best options.

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